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Starehe Boys Centre and School

Founded in 1959 by the late Dr. Geoffrey Griffin and other two co- founders, the late Geoffrey Geturo and the late Joseph Gikubu, Starehe is a charitable institution that provides care and education for boys in need. It runs a Centre, Secondary School and a tertiary Institute offering Accountancy and Computer studies.

Starehe Girls Centre

Starehe Girls Centre is a National boarding school that offers secondary education to financially disadvantaged girls from all Counties of Kenya. The school was founded in January 2005 as a charitable institution. It emulates the spirit of the much renowned Starehe Boys Centre. It caters for all the girls academic and social needs.

Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust (GMET)

The Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust (GMET) is a public charitable trust, registered in Kenya on 12th June 2007 by the Old Starehian Society and the Managing Committee of Starehe Boys Centre & School; without any political, religious or racial affiliations. GMET was jointly founded by the Old Starehian Society and the Starehe Boys’ Centre & School Managing Committee. The registered office of the Trust is in Starehe Boys’ Centre and School, Nairobi, Kenya.

The purpose of GMET is to support the sustenance and growth of the Starehe Institutions in advancing their primary goal of providing education, character building, health and wellbeing to bright, poor and deserving boys and girls from Kenya. It also seeks to support the students and alumni towards bettering their education, acquisition of skills, health, social-economic welfare and wellbeing.

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