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The Gameplan for the year

This year we are riding far and climbing high and we want you to come along for every step of the way! It is going to be a special one that we call the 500in24 People’s Edition! Why you may ask? Because we love you and we could not do any of this without you. You are integral to our work and every bright light we bring into a young person’s life at a Starehe school is a testament to your generosity. 

What’s in store for 500in24?

For the 500in24 people’s edition, we have made some changes to how we do things. Instead of 500 kilometres (310 miles) in 24 hours, we are splitting the time into 4 days. We are doing this because we want you to join us in your own unique way, like a 500in24, personal edition. You get to challenge yourself alongside us, and have your own fans cheering you on. Here’s what you will need:


You'll Need

A hearty spirit and a can do attitude. In as much as we are trying to make this inclusive, it would not be fun if it wasn’t a bit challenging.

An Activity

An activity of choice between running, walking, hiking and riding. If you choose to ride then you will need a bike and safety gear at the very least. Hikers need comfortable walking shoes and hiking gear.

An Activity Tracker

A way to track your progress. If you have a smartwatch with activity tracking like Garmin, Fitbit, Miband or Samsung Smartfit, then you are set. If all you have is a smartphone, then it is as easy as downloading an app on your phone. For biking we recommend one that tracks elevation, distance, and time such as Strava or Komoot. Hikers can use apps like Strava, Google Fit, Mapmywalk, and Komoot for android users and Nike Running Club and on IOS. Strava and Mapmywalk will also work on Apple devices.

A fanclub.

This can be that one person who believes in you, your family, classmates, or even your weekend buddies. Infact, if you want to up the stakes, make it an inhouse challenge among your friends!

Start by

Setting a daily activity goal and this could be anything from 1 to 50 kilometers as long as it is a challenge to you. Whether it is walking/riding/running, keep doing it everyday and keep a progress log. The goal is to get to 500 kilometers covered in the shortest time you can.


Take a screenshot of your progress and post it on any of your social media and tag us 500in24 on Facebook/Instagram and 500_in24 onTwitter or use the #Team500in24. You can also send it to us through Whatsapp on +254735914591.

The Cheering Squad

Get your people to cheer you on (or cheer you on) by sending something on your behalf to the GMET (Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust)M-Pesa paybill 717171. The account to use is 500in24 (Although you can use a specific banner for example your 500in24FOS(Friend of Starehe), or 500in24Classof95, or use your name eg 500in24Nyangaresi) Remember, Haba na Haba hujaza Kibaba so every little bit of contribution counts.

High five

Give yourself a high five and a cold drink

From the 17th to
the 26th of August,

The 500in24 team will be with Ian through our first event and we want to turn that time into one huge sports day. Stand in solidarity with Ian as he sweats to educate, by participating in an activity with your friends.


Choose an activity

It can be a long walk, a hike, or a bike ride, as long as it is fun for you and a few friends. The activity does not have to be grand, it can be as simple as a walk around your hood or a ride in Karura.


Record your activity on your preferred apps, take lots of photos and videos having fun with your people. Post this on social media and tag us using #Team500in24, and share your progress with us on Whatsapp using +254735914591.

The Cheering Squad

Get your fans to support you by sending a little something. Could be for every kilometer you cover or something (There are no limits to what can be sent). They can use the GMET paybill 717171, and 500in24 as the Account.

Together We Can

Challenge others to take part and be a force for good. Together we can educate the underprivileged one child at a time!

The Calendar

Our first major event, on the 17th August, is going to be a 500km+ ride from the Malaba border to Chogoria at the foot of Mt. Kenya. After that on the 22nd the hike up Mt Kenya will commence. There are other prep hikes and rides in store and your participation is highly encouraged. You can use this challenge as your prepwork to get yourself fit!

1 July
Kes. 2500
9 July
Ngong Hills
Kes. 1235
22 July
Rurimeria Hill
Kes. 3200
29 July
Mt Kinangop
Kes. 3800
12 August
Mt Satima
Kes. 3800
22 August
Mt Kenya
Kes. 34000

You can donate through

Paybill : 717171

Account: 500in24

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