It Started With A Bad Idea...

His name was Dean. He was a nice guy. Just a little green when it came to Internet Marketing.

He had paid me, Jason Fladlien, cold hard cash to run his idea by me. It wasn't good.

I liked him though. He had potential. So we (my partner Wilson Mattos and I) made a deal with him. We told him if he was willing to work his butt off for months...for no money...we could create something so great...

It Would Make Internet Marketing History

He agreed. The result was a many month long journey to create a concept we called "the coolest internet marketer" on the planet.

Here's what we had Dean do. We had him approach who we considered some of the best internet marketers in the game. We're talking people who are equally skilled at slamming bank accounts with six figures practically on demand... as well as having an uncanny ability to teach what they do.

We armed him with a task to extract from each of those experts...

"Just" Make $500 In 24 Hours...

Usually from scratch... with just a plan.

Here's where is gets interesting: we wanted to guarantee that the information they gave my buddy Dean was better than anything they had previously shared. How'd we do that? We simultaneously appealed to their ego and challenged them.

The twist - you get to vote who, of all our experts, is the coolest internet marketer on the planet.

Your Assignment...

We have 26 internet marketing geniuses who contributed their secret methods to make $500 in 24 hours. Dean grilled each of them on the phone to spill their guts, and he recorded the call. In addition, we gave them a PDF full of questions that were designed to get them to reveal more information than they normally ever would.

Where you come in... You listen to any of the interviews, then vote. Same with the PDF - read it, then rate it. After a few weeks of everyone voting, we're going to tally them up.

Whichever speaker has the highest score wins the title of Coolest Internet Marketer on the planet.

See What I Did?

None of these speakers wants to play second fiddle. They don't want to be rated last, and they sure as heck want to be rated first. So what do you think they did? They went out of their way to come up with the best information they possibly could... on how any normal Joe or Jane off the street could fill their pockets with $500... or more...

In less than 24 hours.

Did the plan work?

You bet it did. In fact here is just a small sampler of what Dean got these speakers to reveal...

  • How sunday morning at 6:30 AM is the best time to sell useless crap like an old couch on THIS website... to make over $500 in less than 24 hours
  • Do you know what an eBay deal broker is? If not you should... you can "tweak" dead auctions and make HUGE commissions...
  • The "email template" you can copy almost verbatim to get joint venture partners in brand new niches (it's a walk in the park)
  • The 3 secret outsource locations to enhance any clickbank offer in the health/fitness niche - so people will pay you $500 a pop for it (sneaky!)
  • How to insult local businesses in a way that gets them to pay you $500+ in less than 24 hours
How to take a used calculator you paid $1 for and sell it for $25
  • How to sell 35 copies of a simple 19-page report at $17 per copy to make $595 in less than 24 hours
  • Turn any college campus into a "mobile coupon" heaven with just a fist full of quarters (than sell mobile space to anyone you want at a huge markup)
  • Contact 98 marketers with THIS... make a profit!
  • The secret behind scoring 8 WSOs of the day in less than a month (2 hour research is all that's required!)
  • How to create "Excel Spreadsheet" software that anyone in THIS niche would easily pay you good money for... (takes 15 minutes to create the software if you have a copy of Microsoft Office)
How to take $5 and turn it into a graphic package you can sell for $37 a pop!
  • This 4 letter site is where you get millionaires to share their secrets with you one-on-one... and allow you to record and distribute them
  • Why the words "Hey Dolly" and this other site can create a whole side, passive income for you easier than you ever imagined
  • How to use to get mobile visitors for 4 pennies (or less) and turn that into an $800 profit
  • And more!
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